The brand Very Important Portuguese was created and launched internationally in August 2004, by Portuguese descendants creators, living in Paris and Switzerland.

This project's mission is to make known the history and the Portuguese culture through fashion in the four corners of the world. A strong focus on the Portuguese manufacturing quality brings originality and prestige to the brand.

And it's not from nothing every success around this concept of fashion, which tells the story of the Portuguese people, becomes a reality. In fact, today, crowds of young people abroad identify themselves with this brand.

This is 100% Portuguese and the whole design is incorporated by several striking elements of great significance for the Portuguese or people who visited the country.

These creators have begun to develop a logo that conveys a lot of emotion, pride and longing to the Portuguese with the integration of various icons of Portuguese culture.

Notice the various elements that make up this brand:
• the castle as a symbol of Portuguese heritage,
• the church of faith that has always accompanied the people "Pupilus of Dom Afonso Henriques"
• the shield alludes to the old currency before the Euro
• the harpsichord symbol of the revolution of April 25 in 1974, which ended the dictatorship in Portugal
• the "tilde" of the Portuguese calligraphy that highlights the naming.

It started with simple printed shirts with the logo, but quickly collections were up deepening and extending, so that today, there is no piece the brand doesn't have.

It begins in lingerie and goes to the footwear. Today VIPortuguese is a great reference abroad and positioned in a market with strong competitiveness in numerous multi-brand stores, along with other big names in international fashion.